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After employees, data is your most important raw material. In what state are your raw materials?

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Enso Associates is a data strategy consultancy focused on data mining and machine learning. First, we organize you and your data to extract maximum value. As part of that effort, we train your people in the details and nuances of data mining and machine learning. Once your data is properly curated, we help enterprises implement machine learning to begin their own marketplace disruption. Better to disrupt than to be, we think.

Why You Need an Expert for Data Mining and Data Strategy

We are not the typical leave a slide deck kind of data strategy consultancy. Our experience allows us to provide stand alone, bite sized services to incrementally mature your data curation. These services are priced with today’s tough margins in mind. We are experts, with patents, awards, and real world research and development success. We have an objective eye in your organization and use our vast background to provide the expertise you need to mine your data and gain a competitive advantage.

Enso Associates was founded by Douglas Clark, one of the leading authorities in project, program, and portfolio management. Mr. Clark was trained in network analysis while at the National Security Agency, and holds nine patents in natural language processing. He is an expert in software as a service (SaaS), having founded one of the leading SaaS enterprise work management companies. Mr. Clark has spent his entire career helping companies maximize the value of their data.

Enso Associates has partnerships with leading data scientists, machine learning architects, and software engineers to ensure we have the right resource, at the right price point for your data strategy needs.

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81 %
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Rate of New Data Creation in Gigabytes Per Second
Business Models Destroyed by the iPhone in 8 Years