As data analytics consultants, we provide our own courses, or custom for you, covering everything from basic data analytics strategy to machine learning to work management. Each of our standard courses provide two virtual, two hour sessions for up to eight people for $2500 with a data strategy consultant.

Learn about our data analytics training courses

Introduction to Data Driven Strategic Planning

In this course, learners are guided through how to use data to inform and guide not only strategy performance, but also new strategy development with a data strategy consultant.

Introduction to Investment Governance

Looking at the work you do as an integrated investment portfolio is key to managing a modern enterprise. This course teaches students how to build a simple, yet robust governance process that provides optimum transparency.

Introduction to Data Curation

Data curation, once the provenance of libraries and research entities, has become a critical success factor in modern business. Learn how to build a foundation for your data curation efforts with our data strategy consultants.

Introduction to Taxonomies

If your data is more like a herd of cats, then your business intelligence efforts will be stymied, not to mention making machine learning unobtainium. Modern classification schemes are more than the binomial nomenclature of your school years.

Introduction to Network Analysis

This class shows your team how to create and analyze your data as a series of interconnected networks. We use an open source Excel template (NodeXL) to record and visualize your networks. At the end of this class, you will be as good as any network analyst at NSA!

Introduction to Machine Learning

In its essence, today’s tensor-based machine learning is a process that takes measures (scalars) and information about the change of measures (vectors) to calculate a prediction of a future state. We will show you how (with as little math as possible) with examples from our data strategy consultants.

Introduction to TensorFlow

This class guides you through Google’s TensorFlow machine learning product. This well documented tool runs many parts of the Google universe. We’ll take a tour of its capabilities. Introduction to machine learning is a required prerequisite.

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