Enso Associates has developed a suite of data management roadmap services to position our customers for machine learning. Each data management roadmap is stand-alone, yet they are all interrelated and additive to give a complete path to success. The data management roadmaps are delivered as custom infographics or videos that provide not only the recommended steps, but also amplifying information gleaned from the discovery process to assist with change initiatives.

Each data management roadmap service includes two virtual data gathering sessions and one virtual review session for up to eight individuals. During the discovery process, participants are encouraged to reach out with questions and insights. All data management roadmaps are $2500 each.

Data Management Roadmaps

Data Strategy Roadmap
Everything starts with strategy. We want to help you put your data into a strategic context. This roadmap optimizes the strategic value of your data. We look at your current strategy, and then help your team understand what types of data, data latencies, and data connections will give decision makers the key measures to drive strategy forward.

Governance Roadmap
How do you manage what your strategy asks you to do? This roadmap guides you to formality and transparency. Chaos drives your data to tell you that your company is chaotic. Not very helpful. Only by beginning to formalize and share information will your data provide real illumination.

Data Appraisal Roadmap
The big question, what is the data worth? A guide to the systematic discovery of metadata and data value is the result of this roadmap. With strategy as the guide, and bounded by your governance, this roadmap helps your team learn tactics for calculating the trade-offs for your data science initiatives. Not all data is of the same value, and not all questions give back their investment.

Data Create Roadmap
What is the provenance of your data? This roadmap leads you to a disciplined and repeatable approach to capturing the metadata of data creation. Imagine trying to measure the weather if you did not know about the elements that make up air and the laws of thermodynamics. There are similar atomic level data in your organization. From there, everything else is metadata. Wind is not atomic level, it is the result of the laws of thermodynamics acting on the elements that make up the air you breathe.

Data Ingest, Preserve and Store Roadmap
While you might not need a full data dictionary, you do need a roadmap for a data description framework. The old adage of you can’t fix what you don’t measure is more true in the enterprise each day. But is it metric or imperial? Text or text area? Graph or linear?

Data Use and Transformation Roadmap
This is the payoff roadmap. This one captures your as is data environment, but also provides the destinations of your future transformations via machine learning. While you may not remember much about vectors and tensors from your linear algebra days, but machine learning is all about traversing multidimensional networks. We have all seen slide decks of single and compound measure, key performance indicators, hoping to provide insight and decision support. Machine learning is intended to directly answer your tactical and strategic questions. Time to upgrade your decision support.

Technology Roadmap
Technology is the great enabler of data value. You need to understand the gaps in your technology and this roadmap shows you the way to close those gaps. This roadmap helps identify open source answers to your technology gaps, with an eye to reduce dependence on your software development resources.

Change Roadmap
We know that change is very hard to conceive and implement. In this roadmap, we will honestly explore how much change your organization wants to take on at once and create a timeline with specific measurements that will be implemented along the way. We will help construct a communication plan so that your teams are not afraid; instead, they will feel empowered and part of the change.

Department Specific Roadmaps

The sources and quality of your marketing data are key to your organization’s success. In this roadmap, we will create a data strategy and document the data provenance of your key analytical inputs. We will tackle what data sources should be on your dashboard, how analytics are applied to predict success in future marketing initiatives and how to properly metric your entire marketing organization.

This roadmap will focus on how to automate the sales process, from marketing nurturement to Inside Sales to Outside Sales. We will analyze your current processes to determine the best path for a measured approach to full automation. At the conclusion, you will have a plan that enables your organization to be 100% automated.

Sales Analytics
What decisions do you need to make? This answer will drive how we explore your current sales metrics and analytics. We will compile a high-confidence set of analytics from which you can make critical sales and corporate decisions.

Product Management
Whether your product is something tangible or something made of software, Enso Associates product management roadmap helps organizations optimize their existing processes in light of machine learning requirements. This roadmap identifies data gaps as well as process changes that can provide increased decision support predictions.

Project Management/PMO/Work Management
How do you describe your work? Formalized processes? Methodologies in place? This roadmap puts you on the path to maximizing your human capital. This roadmap is a direct child to the governance roadmap. Once you know what you want to invest in, you should feel confident that the same rigor is applied to using your most precious resource, your incredible people.

Other Services

Machine Learning Implementations
We offer custom machine learning implementations using open source machine learning technologies.

We provide our own courses, or custom for you, covering everything from data curation to machine learning to work management.

Ad Hoc Consulting
We tried to think of most of what you might need, but you really do know best. If its about data and enterprise management, we can help. Our rates are reasonable and all of our results are actionable.

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Our data management roadmaps are stand-alone, yet in sum, prepare your organization for machine learning.