Why would you want to implement machine learning? You already have business intelligence tools and you have dashboards. You have your forecasts based on trends in the data. You have a strong grasp on what has transpired in your business up to today. If everything continues as it has, your forecasts will continue to be fairly accurate.

The only thing for sure in business is things will change.

Can you see emerging patterns? Do you consistently seek out relationships in your data for greater insights? Can you use your data to provide predictions regardless of the current trends? How much do you analyze your unstructured text data? What are you doing to augment your teams with real time decision support visualizations?

Implement machine learning to put decisions first.

Enso Associates offers you a custom machine learning implementation using open source technologies. As new open source machine learning products become available, Enso Associates will act as your docent and make a recommendation for your unique requirements. With your machine learning implementation, you are going to like how it can redefine jobs.

If you follow our roadmaps, at the end, you will be ready for your machine learning implementation. If you prefer, Enso Associates can perform a readiness audit to see if you have any gaps that need remediation before your machine learning implementation, and then only undertake the appropriate roadmaps to close the gaps.

Our consultants use a modern Agile methodology to reveal the requirements for an optimized implementation. As Enso Associates discovers your unique decisions support needs, our consultants will select the right machine learning tool and method, algorithms, and data flow.

Enso Associates has developed a technology framework for machine learning using Apache NiFi as the messaging and data flow technology. Our framework allows us to be machine learning tool agnostic, while vastly simplifying data integration.

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Here are some introductory videos to get you started on the road to your machine learning decision support system.