As Professor Renée Miller from the university of Toronto states, data curation is “all the processes needed for principled and controlled data creation, maintenance, and management, together with the capacity to add value to data.” Good thing that most businesses understand the ideas of process, maintenance and management. Instead of these terms concerning people, we are talking about applying these well-known disciplines to data.

Data curation has the following attributes

data curation enso associates
Data curation approach
  • Data creation – knowing the when, what, where, why and how data is spawned or received.
  • Appraisal – a systematic approach to discovering metadata and initial data value.
  • Ingest, preserve and store – these concepts are tightly coupled as the results of the appraisal step determines how data is ingested, the type and length of preservation, and ultimately, where and how the data will be stored. This is where data taxonomies meet information technologies.
  • Use and transformation – what interfaces are exposed to the data and what processing has been applied? While machine learning may be applied in the appraisal loop, it is here where data value can be monetized.

We will help your organization understand how their processes create and consume data. Further, we can teach you how to maintain your data for optimum value. Lastly, we will help you build a culture and management approach to use your data to do more than secure your place in the market. We will help you use the coming disruption as a strength.

To see what can happen when you have your data curated, please watch this wonderful video from PBS that features the amazing Edward Tufte, the author of The Visual Display of Quantitative Information.